A List Changed My Life, Let It Change Yours


A list. What can it do? Can it make you fly? Can it make you rich? Well,…..YES. Of course it can, it only depends on you. You can do anything with a list. First take a piece of paper, and write down your top ten goals in life. Choose your most important goal and write it on the other side of the page. Then write down everything you have to do to achieve it (make sure it’s very detailed). Now (this is the important thing) you must do one thing every day to achieve it. If you can do that then you can do anything in life ; whatever your heart desires. When you’ve completed your goal work on another goal. Just remember one rule. DON’T ever (I mean EVER) give up. To learn more about this check out this video.

Listen to the Radio 20,000 km Away

Today with the internet it’s possible to find absolutely everything. The only thing missing is organization. With  tens or even hundreds of thousands of radios publishing their broadcast all over the web, it’s still hard to find specific ones.

Image representing TuneIn as depicted in Crunc...Therefore, i’m glad to say that I have found a solution for one of the internet’s organizational problems. With TuneIn your able to find the majority of radio stations out there. You can find local, international, and other types of stations. Whats exceptional about this website is that you can find specific stations in foreign countries, that would be almost impossible to find on the web. Give it a try here, and enjoy listening to your favorite stations.

What did we learn at Apple’s WWDC 2012?

Since, the first iPhone came out millions of people have been anxiously watching WWDC annually, for any clues on Apple’s new products. This year Apple has decided to only showcase its upgraded Mac line, and introduce us to IOS 6.

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

The differences from the previous and the upgraded Mac lineup are immense. Apple even called one of its most expensive notebook, the best they ever made. The major differences are, that all Apple’s new notebooks contain retina display. This is a game changer. They also upgraded a ton of specs, so you can check them out here.

To add that cherry on top, Apple came out with its new operating system, which contains various upgrades for synchronization and has improved the Mac Store. Now developers will have to upgrade their Apps to support retina display, Mac synchronization, and much much more.

Saving the best for last, the closest information people have about the next generation iPhone, is its operating system. IOS 6, which has introduced many things, which only perfect the previous IOS 5. Most importantly, Apple gave birth to their own maps which is not based on Google (it’s actually based on TomTom a developer company for the App Store). To fulfill Apple’s expectations, they have created other apps to simplify our lives. One of them, named PassBook, saves all your gift cards, flight passes, and of course your Starbucks card. To check out for more information on the new IOS, please click here to visit Apple’s website.

Learn Basic Programming

Before you can start studying a programming language you’ll need to know some basics first. Programming contains three basic elements: input, output, and algorithm. A program almost always relies on some sort of input. The majority of the time, the input is provided from a user, or from another program. On the other hand, there is always an output from a program. The output is the final result of the program’s execution. But what holds these elements together? Only algorithm can. Which in this case, is your job to create.

You may have asked yourself what programming language should I learn (C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML…)? The answer is pretty obvious, only after translated into basic English. Below I’ve made a list of areas you want to learn to program in and links to tutorials surrounding those subjects.




Windows Programs:




Mac Based Programming:


Earl Scruggs dies at the age of 88

Earl Scruggs a talented banjo player dies at Nashville, Tennessee. He has donated to our world some great music. Earl is most known for Live at Kansas State, Rockin’ ‘Cross the Country, and much more. It should be also noted that he won a Grammy in 1969 for Foggy Mountain Breakdown Below are some of his best works. Enjoy!

Organization: The key to a successful life

Throughout our lives, we have always been keen on taking shortcuts, but not cleaning after them. Hence, after starting with a clean and organized room, we are left with again a messy room. This article will hopefully show you and inspire you to organize your life and provide you with the skills for maintaining it organized.

The fundament of an organized life is inspiration. The best way to inspire someone is to show them the benefits of the activity they want to participate in. What are the benefits of organization? Most importantly, you will SAVE money. How, you ask? Well, there are many reasons. Firstly, you’ll save time which is money, avoid duplicate purchases, and won’t make last minute shopping. Another reason is that you’ll have much more time to spend on other things, then having to search for things. Furthermore, everything you’ll do will be more efficient and the end result will be more successful.

For tips and help for staying organized you can visit lifeorganizers.com.


Modern Warfare 3 VS Battlefield 3. Which one is really better? After comparing which one runs faster, has a better platform, or is more popular, only gives you a glimpse of the real story. These differences are incredibly small and usually unnoticeable after a couple hours of gaming. Both games are at a high enough level that they don’t lag and who cares about whether PS3 is better then Xbox 360. So what really lets you compare MW3 head-to-head with BF3? Gameplay. Well your probably wondering how you can compare their gameplay without actually playing them, well with good old YouTube that isn’t a problem. Below are the best gameplay videos currently out there for you to truly decide which one’s better.

Modern Warfare 3:

Official Gameplay Trailer to get you warmed up

Battlefield 3:

Official Gameplay Trailer