Our Overgrown Internet Needs to Switch, Again

Vint Cerf

Image via Wikipedia

“In 1977, Vinton Cerf rejected the idea that the Internet would ever need more than 4.3 billion Internet addresses.” New York Times  

Unfortunately, switching everything on the internet in 2000 (Y2K) was not the internet’s last numerical problem. In 1977, Vinton Cerf assumed that the internet would never need more than 4.3 billion IP addresses. He was wrong. In about 12 to 16 months or even sooner the internet will need to switch from IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) to IPv6. The difference is their adding a couple more digits. Switching everything will create tons of technical problems so they created a IPv6 day which is on june 8, 2011. Yahoo, Google, and Facebook will test their websites (which generate 1 billion hits daily) to check if they are IPv6 capable. If you’d like to read more… check out the sites below.   





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