HTTP VS HTTPS, And Why We Need The S in HTTP More Then Ever

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You’ve probably typed in http:// or https:// in your browser before and never knew the difference. Well now you’ll know. HTTP stands for (HyperText Transfer Protocol) and HTTPS stands for (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) or for a more detailed explanation the S stands for SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Whats the difference you ask? Will its pretty simple. The S for secure means exactly as its said. It gives you extra or in my opinion almost required security. What happens is that with HTTP it moves data from point A to B and it doesn’t care how it gets their or if people view it on the way, as long as it gets to its destination. With HTTPS it encrypts it and its only possible to open it if you’re an experienced hacker with lots of time. Theres not a lot of people like that. But with HTTP all you need now to open the data sent is with an easy installation of an add-on to Firefox. Now, why should you care? Well there are a couple of reasons. One reasons most sites don’t have HTTPS enabled because it costs a lot of money and it turns the website slower. Just so you know Facebook and Twitter currently don’t have https on default so when you enter your password on their site basically anyone can find your password. But most email sites such as Hotmail or Gmail have HTTPS to protect you when you log in. Which is a good start but we need every site that has any important confidential information on us. We don’t need every site to do that on the internet because if your reading this article you don’t care how its sent to your computer because there’s no risk in somebody hacking your account because you don’t have one. Eric Butler who created the add-on I was taking about earlier which by the way has over one million downloads said that he made it to show to the world that anyone can hack your account because a lot of important sites don’t care enough to encrypt your login details. He’s proving to us how unsecure the internet really is. His add-on is 100% legal because you can use it to check your networks security level with it. If you’re wondering on what his add-on is and want to download (I hope for checking your network) it’s called Firesheep. And if you want to read more about it check out some links below.


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