Send Notes That Self-Destruct After Being Read

Image representing Privnote as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

I think the title explains this particular website very well. Basically you type up a note, you click create and then they give you link. This link is a one time link, meaning after someone clicks on it the link will display the note once and if you click it again or someone else does the page will explain to you that its been read and will display the number of minutes since last viewed and will ask you to create a new note. You CANNOT reread the note after its been clicked but you can click the box before you create it to ask them to email you once its been read. So you know if someone had read it or not. All the messages viewed or sent are encrypted with https and are very secure. Even Facebook doesn’t encrypt you messages currently. If nobody clicks on your link then after 30 days it will be deleted off their server. Well if you want to send that secret note just click below.


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