Time to Move Your Clock One Hour Forward, Again (Daylight Saving Time)

As I said in the title, today your clock should be an hour ahead because of Daylight Saving Time. But do you know why we even have Day Light Saving Time? Well we have it for a reason. Think about it. Daylight Saving Time. Your saving daylight with time. That’s all to it. When the majority of the world wakes up they end up leaving the house in the morning when the sun is already shining. Now by waking up an hour earlier the world saves energy because we get more sunlight in the day and in hot places Daylight Saving Time saves energy used from turning on the fan or some other cooling system. Same thing with cold places. You end up turning the heat lower when its sunny so you would be also saving lots of energy. But some places in the world don’t use Daylight Saving Time because it wouldn’t save them energy because they already wake up before the sun is shinning or for other reasons. Just look at the map and you will see places that don’t use Daylight Saving Time or places that used too. If you want to read more click the article below.



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