Free Graphic Typing Lessons

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Are you really slow at typing or really fast? Nevertheless you can always improve either way. And in result a question such as this may pop up in your mind “Why should I care?”. Well the answer is fairily obvious. By learning to type faster you save time. And time is money. So by doing these few exercises online for free you would be saving lots of money. It doesn’t matter what you use it for. Emailing, work, social networking. It stills saves you time and money. So by practicing 5 mins a day for a whole week your speed will increase just by that. And if you want to type faster sooner than start now and do it for longer periods of time during the week. Enjoy saving your time!


Internet Reference Source for Misinformation

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Sometimes people tell you etchy things, and sometimes people scam you, and sometimes people just give you misinformation. Now with Snopes you can check if that story is legit or not. Have you every been emailed about someone claiming to know you and is asking you for money? Is it a scam or is it legitment. Well all you have to do is search for it and Snopes will use its database to check if other people have received similar stories from unknown contacts. And if they have its most likely a scam. But if no one has submitted a story similar you can submit it yourself and check in the future if others have heard something similar. Have fun checking it out!

The Web. What is it exactly?

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Where ever you are on the internet you always encounter your web browser or a website telling an error. Then you scratch you’re  head wondering what error something something meant or what IPv4 /IPv6 is? Well now Webopedia will help you with that. All you have to do is search the error or key word in its database and it will explain it to you. If you think that just clicking buttons will help you solve  your problem, your wrong. Well not quite. If you understand what it means then you’ll be able to save your time by knowing which buttons to click and when. Have fun saving time!

Demotivate Youself!

Some times we need to demotivate ourselves. Sometimes were just over productive or were thinking to clearly so we need something to take that motivation out. Bring the sad into the happy. Well now with Demonstrators we can become depressed again. We can feel that pain of frustration once more. And more importantly we can stop ourselves from picking at self perfection. This website is unique all right. It will supply us with nice catchy phrases with pictures to balance our moods to its natural motivated state if were to motivated. Now seriously, this site has some pretty awesome phrases that come with equally awesome pictures to demotivate us. It’s mostly a very interesting  joke, so don’t take it too seriously. Enjoy, being demotivated! Just make sure you scroll towards the bottom to find those awesome demotivator phrases.

Uncyclopedia the opposite of Wikipedia

Image representing Wikia as depicted in CrunchBase

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The point of Uncyclopedia is a joke. Its goal is to give you misleading information about everything. It’s something to do when your bored. Just remember it’s not true. Here is a quote below of the only thing  that’s true you’ll find on Uncyclopedia. Or you can visit their site at Enjoy!

“Uncyclopedia is an encyclopedia parody wiki that is hosted by Wikia.

Uncyclopedia is a sister project of Wikia, along with Memory Alpha. Unlike most Wikia sites, Uncyclopedia is released under the Creative Commons by-nc-sa license rather than the GFDL.

The goal of this project is to provide the world’s misinformation in the least redeeming and most searingly sarcastic and humourous way possible. People who come to Uncyclopedia a lot are affectionately known by parents and children alike as UnclePsychopedaphiles.

Désencyclopédie is a Wikia which is a sister project of Uncyclopedia. The wiki is a parody site in the French language. It was inspired by Uncyclopedia and may include translations of its content. Other language editions are shown at Template:Languages.

See also: Wikipedia’s article on Uncyclopedia, About Uncyclopedia, Uncyclopedia joins Wikia.

  • Started: 5 January, 2005
  • Founder: Jonathan Huang, stillwaters and some gal. Or at least that’s what they want you to think. In fact, Uncyclopedia is nothing less than a devious conspiracy of the Freemasons, the Men in Black, the Space Aliens, the Magratheans, the Republicans, the secret real Obama administration, Dora the Explorer and Hello Kitty (remember not to forget Gandalf).
  • Main language: English
  • Interwiki link: Uncyclopedia:
  • URL:
  • Uncyclopedia stats


HTTP VS HTTPS, And Why We Need The S in HTTP More Then Ever

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You’ve probably typed in http:// or https:// in your browser before and never knew the difference. Well now you’ll know. HTTP stands for (HyperText Transfer Protocol) and HTTPS stands for (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) or for a more detailed explanation the S stands for SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Whats the difference you ask? Will its pretty simple. The S for secure means exactly as its said. It gives you extra or in my opinion almost required security. What happens is that with HTTP it moves data from point A to B and it doesn’t care how it gets their or if people view it on the way, as long as it gets to its destination. With HTTPS it encrypts it and its only possible to open it if you’re an experienced hacker with lots of time. Theres not a lot of people like that. But with HTTP all you need now to open the data sent is with an easy installation of an add-on to Firefox. Now, why should you care? Well there are a couple of reasons. One reasons most sites don’t have HTTPS enabled because it costs a lot of money and it turns the website slower. Just so you know Facebook and Twitter currently don’t have https on default so when you enter your password on their site basically anyone can find your password. But most email sites such as Hotmail or Gmail have HTTPS to protect you when you log in. Which is a good start but we need every site that has any important confidential information on us. We don’t need every site to do that on the internet because if your reading this article you don’t care how its sent to your computer because there’s no risk in somebody hacking your account because you don’t have one. Eric Butler who created the add-on I was taking about earlier which by the way has over one million downloads said that he made it to show to the world that anyone can hack your account because a lot of important sites don’t care enough to encrypt your login details. He’s proving to us how unsecure the internet really is. His add-on is 100% legal because you can use it to check your networks security level with it. If you’re wondering on what his add-on is and want to download (I hope for checking your network) it’s called Firesheep. And if you want to read more about it check out some links below.

89 Visual Phenomena & Optical Illusions

This website shows you 89 different phenomena & optical illusion. You can freak out your friends or stare at the screen for countless of hours without getting bored. It also explains each image and gets into the science of it a little bit. Tons of cool stuff. Have fun exploring!