Organization: The key to a successful life

Throughout our lives, we have always been keen on taking shortcuts, but not cleaning after them. Hence, after starting with a clean and organized room, we are left with again a messy room. This article will hopefully show you and inspire you to organize your life and provide you with the skills for maintaining it organized.

The fundament of an organized life is inspiration. The best way to inspire someone is to show them the benefits of the activity they want to participate in. What are the benefits of organization? Most importantly, you will SAVE money. How, you ask? Well, there are many reasons. Firstly, you’ll save time which is money, avoid duplicate purchases, and won’t make last minute shopping. Another reason is that you’ll have much more time to spend on other things, then having to search for things. Furthermore, everything you’ll do will be more efficient and the end result will be more successful.

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A Very Pointless 3D Simulator

Finsteraarhorn, Bernese Alps

Image via Wikipedia

As the title says it’s very pointless. All you do is move your mouse around the screen and your view will move in that direction. You’re in a world of you own imagination. Plus you get to fly over cold wintery mountains. Have fun!

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Awesome History Video Map

This is a really cool website which shows you a ton of cool map videos. This one is about the imperial history of the middle east. It show you how different empires grew and fell. Petty cool. Check it out by clicking the link below.

Recreate Your Very Own Brand Name Candy Bars

Happy Birthday Candy Bars From Tunheim Partners

Image by DavidErickson via Flickr

Each time you go to the store you always see a bunch of brand name candy bars and  mostly likely you don’t ever think you can make them at home. Well actually you can. Here is a link to some very big brand name chocolate bar recipes (it include KitKat, Reeses Pieces, Snickers). Just remember this is the homemade version and it isn’t the exact same recipe they use to make the real ones. Enjoy!