The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World

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This is a short article that includes lots of amazing photos of different libraries around the world. But these libraries aren’t your ordinary libraries. They all are amazing archticturely work. Check it out!

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This Is How A Bubble Looks When Popped. In Slow Motion.

This picture shows  you a bubble popping half way. Now you will know how a bubble looks while popping. Enjoy!

Turn 64,000 Possible Combinations To 100 For Padlocks

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Nothing is perfect. Including padlocks. Using this step by step procedure you can turn 64,000 combinations to a 100 in 5 min. This link is to a picture which you can print out and use to open your friends padlock as a fun joke or if you forgot your own combination you can refind it now. Enjoy!

Japan’s Nuclear Plant and Radiation Aftermath

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As you all probably heard Japan’s Nuclear Plants (Fukushima Dailchi & Fukushima Daini) are experiencing a couple of problems…. So I have decided to bring you guys the best news coverage of this tragic story, and videos & pictures.  Check it out below.


Video of blast at Fukushima nuke plant, radiation leak reported –

Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant Reactor 3 explosion on March 14, 2011 –

Huge explosion at Japan nuclear plant –

News Coverage:

U.S. Calls Radiation ‘Extremely High’ and Urges Deeper Caution in Japan –

For many who fled danger in Japan, the nightmare continues –

Japan scrambles to avert nuclear disaster, global fears mount –


Evidence of Japan’s Devastation

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You guys have probably heard of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. As people, we crave information. So here is a list of videos, pictures, articles, and other information regarding the incident.




Demotivate Youself!

Some times we need to demotivate ourselves. Sometimes were just over productive or were thinking to clearly so we need something to take that motivation out. Bring the sad into the happy. Well now with Demonstrators we can become depressed again. We can feel that pain of frustration once more. And more importantly we can stop ourselves from picking at self perfection. This website is unique all right. It will supply us with nice catchy phrases with pictures to balance our moods to its natural motivated state if were to motivated. Now seriously, this site has some pretty awesome phrases that come with equally awesome pictures to demotivate us. It’s mostly a very interesting  joke, so don’t take it too seriously. Enjoy, being demotivated! Just make sure you scroll towards the bottom to find those awesome demotivator phrases.