A List Changed My Life, Let It Change Yours


A list. What can it do? Can it make you fly? Can it make you rich? Well,…..YES. Of course it can, it only depends on you. You can do anything with a list. First take a piece of paper, and write down your top ten goals in life. Choose your most important goal and write it on the other side of the page. Then write down everything you have to do to achieve it (make sure it’s very detailed). Now (this is the important thing) you must do one thing every day to achieve it. If you can do that then you can do anything in life ; whatever your heart desires. When you’ve completed your goal work on another goal. Just remember one rule. DON’T ever (I mean EVER) give up. To learn more about this check out this video.



Modern Warfare 3 VS Battlefield 3. Which one is really better? After comparing which one runs faster, has a better platform, or is more popular, only gives you a glimpse of the real story. These differences are incredibly small and usually unnoticeable after a couple hours of gaming. Both games are at a high enough level that they don’t lag and who cares about whether PS3 is better then Xbox 360. So what really lets you compare MW3 head-to-head with BF3? Gameplay. Well your probably wondering how you can compare their gameplay without actually playing them, well with good old YouTube that isn’t a problem. Below are the best gameplay videos currently out there for you to truly decide which one’s better.

Modern Warfare 3:

Official Gameplay Trailer to get you warmed up

Battlefield 3:

Official Gameplay Trailer


Awesome History Video Map

This is a really cool website which shows you a ton of cool map videos. This one is about the imperial history of the middle east. It show you how different empires grew and fell. Petty cool. Check it out by clicking the link below.


Awesome Milk Trick

This video will show you the “Awesome Milk Trick”. I think there isn’t much to talk about it because the video explains it very well. So how am I supposed to compete with a two minute video? When a picture is worth a 1000 words (you know the saying). A second would be worth 24000 words (24 pictures per second is the basic frame rate for video). 200 seconds or 2 minutes would be worth 4.8 million words (24000 times 200). So as proven I can’t compete with 4.8 million words, so please watch the video below instead.