What did we learn at Apple’s WWDC 2012?

Since, the first iPhone came out millions of people have been anxiously watching WWDC annually, for any clues on Apple’s new products. This year Apple has decided to only showcase its upgraded Mac line, and introduce us to IOS 6.

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

The differences from the previous and the upgraded Mac lineup are immense. Apple even called one of its most expensive notebook, the best they ever made. The major differences are, that all Apple’s new notebooks contain retina display. This is a game changer. They also upgraded a ton of specs, so you can check them out here.

To add that cherry on top, Apple came out with its new operating system, which contains various upgrades for synchronization and has improved the Mac Store. Now developers will have to upgrade their Apps to support retina display, Mac synchronization, and much much more.

Saving the best for last, the closest information people have about the next generation iPhone, is its operating system. IOS 6, which has introduced many things, which only perfect the previous IOS 5. Most importantly, Apple gave birth to their own maps which is not based on Google (it’s actually based on TomTom a developer company for the App Store). To fulfill Apple’s expectations, they have created other apps to simplify our lives. One of them, named PassBook, saves all your gift cards, flight passes, and of course your Starbucks card. To check out for more information on the new IOS, please click here to visit Apple’s website.


Ipad 2 Future Shortages Because of Japan Earthquake.

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

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As you probably of heard Japan’s earthquake/tsunami impacted Japan dramatically. For people in other areas of the world experienced minor or none discomfort in their daily lives. But let’s not forget Japan is one of the worlds leading manufacturers. So brands like apple and other major commercial companies will start experiencing delays in shipments of parts from Japan. So more particularly Apple’s Ipad 2 will experience delays in their shipment of glass for the Ipad. This means that worldwide the production of the Ipad 2 would be less and then in and in result consumers would have to wait longer in line ups for the Ipad 2. If you want to read more click the article below.