Awesome Milk Trick

This video will show you the “Awesome Milk Trick”. I think there isn’t much to talk about it because the video explains it very well. So how am I supposed to compete with a two minute video? When a picture is worth a 1000 words (you know the saying). A second would be worth 24000 words (24 pictures per second is the basic frame rate for video). 200 seconds or 2 minutes would be worth 4.8 million words (24000 times 200). So as proven I can’t compete with 4.8 million words, so please watch the video below instead.

Documentary Library

This website has tons and tons of free documentary videos to watch online. Their verity of documentaries is incredible. From comedy to military and war, or technology to religion all of them are great must see films. Found a documentary you want discuss? Just comment below. Click on the link below to start watching hundred’s of documentaries.

Special Effects from Yesterday to Today

This video shows how special effects evolved through out the years. From yesterday’s black and white movies to today’s high-tech movies it shows the cool special effects and lets you compare them. Pretty inspiring if you want to become a movie editor to special effects creator. Check out the video below.