Share Your Email Address Without Receiving Spam


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I think the title says it all. But to add more detail here are a few things you should know. What happens with this neat website is that it converts your email address into a URL. Now when someone clicks that URL it would ask them to go through a security check to authenticate that’s a human viewing the email address and not the bot/AI. Now with that you can share your email freely without worrying about spam. Enjoy recieving spam free emails!

Get Emailed Notifications (for personal use)

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Are you an email type person like me? Well if you are, this is a great solution for trying to email yourself reminders a day before. You can choose the date to be emailed and what the notification is about. And you’ll be emailed when you choose. Or if you want to remind someone to do something for you, you can also do this by entering their email address instead of yours. Theres not a lot to say about this. So have fun by clicking below!