Share Your Email Address Without Receiving Spam


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I think the title says it all. But to add more detail here are a few things you should know. What happens with this neat website is that it converts your email address into a URL. Now when someone clicks that URL it would ask them to go through a security check to authenticate that’s a human viewing the email address and not the bot/AI. Now with that you can share your email freely without worrying about spam. Enjoy recieving spam free emails!

Email Up to 2GB With WeTransfer

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Did you ever need to email somebody a file bigger then ten MB or more? And your email wouldn’t let you? Well that problem is fixed with WeTransfer. They let you email multiple people your file/files which can be 2 GB per transfer. So after sending one you can send more. 2 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB… The possibilities are endless. But hopefully you wont need to transfer so much space. Nice and simple UI (User Interface). You will also get a confirmation email when the recipient has downloaded the file/files you sent. The only draw back is that sending the file takes some time. 2GB = 3 Hours. But its all sent securely with an encryption over the internet. So you don’t have to worry about security because its using HTTPS. Here is a below to their site.