Apple Confession App Approved by Roman Catholic Church

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As many people out there, I have found this very different. A confession app approved by the pope himself. But not surprising. Since everything is going digital, why not religion? Therefore the real question is will it work? In my opinion it would work for the younger generation and not for the older. The reason is that the older generations would rather keep it the way they grew up and they wouldn’t want to change a thing. But that’s just speculation. Whats your opinion?

Here is a link to a short article about the app.

Ipad 2 Future Shortages Because of Japan Earthquake.

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As you probably of heard Japan’s earthquake/tsunami impacted Japan dramatically. For people in other areas of the world experienced minor or none discomfort in their daily lives. But let’s not forget Japan is one of the worlds leading manufacturers. So brands like apple and other major commercial companies will start experiencing delays in shipments of parts from Japan. So more particularly Apple’s Ipad 2 will experience delays in their shipment of glass for the Ipad. This means that worldwide the production of the Ipad 2 would be less and then in and in result consumers would have to wait longer in line ups for the Ipad 2. If you want to read more click the article below.

Project Gutenberg – Over 30,000 free titles

Unlike Internet Archive, Project Gutenberg finds books from all publication dates and lets you download them for free at almost any format for any device (iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone, Android). There books are 100% legal and free because they let you download books that are out of copyright in the United States. With their partners they have over 100,000 books. Great site, it even has banned books if that interests you and more. So before you purchase a rare/unique book online check this site if it has it. Click on the link below to get to Project Gutenberg.