What did we learn at Apple’s WWDC 2012?

Since, the first iPhone came out millions of people have been anxiously watching WWDC annually, for any clues on Apple’s new products. This year Apple has decided to only showcase its upgraded Mac line, and introduce us to IOS 6.

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The differences from the previous and the upgraded Mac lineup are immense. Apple even called one of its most expensive notebook, the best they ever made. The major differences are, that all Apple’s new notebooks contain retina display. This is a game changer. They also upgraded a ton of specs, so you can check them out here.

To add that cherry on top, Apple came out with its new operating system, which contains various upgrades for synchronization and has improved the Mac Store. Now developers will have to upgrade their Apps to support retina display, Mac synchronization, and much much more.

Saving the best for last, the closest information people have about the next generation iPhone, is its operating system. IOS 6, which has introduced many things, which only perfect the previous IOS 5. Most importantly, Apple gave birth to their own maps which is not based on Google (it’s actually based on TomTom a developer company for the App Store). To fulfill Apple’s expectations, they have created other apps to simplify our lives. One of them, named PassBook, saves all your gift cards, flight passes, and of course your Starbucks card. To check out for more information on the new IOS, please click here to visit Apple’s website.

Apple Confession App Approved by Roman Catholic Church

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As many people out there, I have found this very different. A confession app approved by the pope himself. But not surprising. Since everything is going digital, why not religion? Therefore the real question is will it work? In my opinion it would work for the younger generation and not for the older. The reason is that the older generations would rather keep it the way they grew up and they wouldn’t want to change a thing. But that’s just speculation. Whats your opinion?

Here is a link to a short article about the app.


Record Your Computer Screen With Screenr

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Have you ever wondered how people record their computer screens on YouTube or other video sites? Now you can do it yourself because of Screenr. It lets you choose the size of the screen to record and gives you up to 5 mins of recording time. Not only that it lets you immediately share it on twitter. All using Java it has a simple UI (User Interface) that’s really easy to use. The good thing about it is that’s its 100% free and you don’t have to download it. Ever. Plus it works on Mac’s and PC’s and it plays on anywhere on the web, even on your Iphone. You can also publish the video on their site. Enjoy!


Engadget- Stay Hip with All the Technology Trends

This website gets you hip with all the technology trends. It will talk to you about all the newest gadgets and electronics. What’s the new Android phone? Or the new apple iPhone? Find all there. Tells you all the behind the scenes stuff 24/7. Click the link below to access Engadget.


Call Free in the US or Canada (Google Voice)

Have you ever wanted to call for free? Now you can with google voice. Create a Gmail account and start calling. If you want google voice on your iPhone or iPod touch you can. An app called Talkatone uses Google Voice to call. You need to create a Gmail account to use but its easy as 123. Have fun!


Project Gutenberg – Over 30,000 free titles

Unlike Internet Archive, Project Gutenberg finds books from all publication dates and lets you download them for free at almost any format for any device (iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone, Android). There books are 100% legal and free because they let you download books that are out of copyright in the United States. With their partners they have over 100,000 books. Great site, it even has banned books if that interests you and more. So before you purchase a rare/unique book online check this site if it has it. Click on the link below to get to Project Gutenberg.