Remix Nature Sounds Into A Compisition

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This is a really cool free online program. You can remix all kinds of natural sounds you would find outside in nature (animals, rain, bonfire,…etc.). After you create your own composition you can save it to your computer as a WAV sound file or you can create a link (but for the link you need register some information). If you want to hear my composition just click on this URL. Or you can click below to view this awesome website/program. Just make sure you have a recently updated flash player or some features may not work. Enjoy.




7 Million Songs Streamed To You

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Deezer will stream to you over 7 million songs. All you have to do is search for the artist or band and you can listen to your favourite music for free. You can also share your favourite songs on Twitter or Facebook. But more importantly you can create your own playlists. Enjoy!

Live Streaming of Oldies

With Playa Cofi Jukebox you can listen to all the oldies music 1950-1989. You will be reliving your past. This website lets you choose the age of your favourite oldies and then you can listen all you want to a live stream of multiple songs to your computer. It gives you some good quality sound the majority of the time. Have fun!

Itunes Unlimited or Spotify

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Think about Itunes, but without limits. No charges to your VISA. Only music. Well with Spotify it has the same UI (User Interface) as Itunes but that’s the ony thing similar about them because from there they split into two different directions. Spotify streams unlimited music to your computer. It’s as if your library has millions of songs and takes up almost zero space. And you don’t have to pay for anything. But unfortunately there is a catch to everything. Spotify is only available in the Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden or United Kingdom. But you can use it outside of those countries but you need someone there to register you so you can use Spotify. But their currently expanding to the US and Canada if your willing to wait. Have fun!

Finding Music in a Whole New Way (The Colour Way)

This flash website lets you find music by letting you chose a colour to represent the mood you want the song to be. It lets you listen to songs online but the only downside is that its collection of songs is very humble. Have fun checking some songs out!

MP3 Blog… That Blogs About Music and Gives You Music. For FREE.

It’s not surprising that it offers us the option to download music for free because music is everywhere on the internet but more surprising enough it also gives us a link to purchase it too because the author of the blog wants to support the artists. You can only download the songs for a limited amount of time; so its nothing like a P2P network.  But still the blog navigates us through the labyrinth of the internet and in the end it finds us some really great music. Check it out by clicking the link below.