Tea. One of the best.

Tea. The dried and prepared leaves of a Camellia sinensis, or more commonly known as a shrub, from which at times somewhat bitter, is an aromatic beverage which is prepared by infusion of hot water. That was the most primitive explanation of the meaning of tea. In today’s world tea has evolved so much that it has become a person’s hobby to indulge in its warmth, smell, and taste. But some people have decided to take a step forward and have sorted out the good tea from the bad tea. One of those people was named Larissa Simontov. She has brought to us currently over twelve different types of imported teas. All of the teas are as organic as they can possibly get and their containers are only environmentally friendly and 100% natural. They are also all imported and are hand packed. I have tasted her teas and I would like to discuss them with you. However, we need to get some facts straight before we begin. The most important fact you should know about tea is that it comes from one plant. So any herbal, fruit, or flower “teas” are not really teas at all. Those “teas” are called infusers and they may enhance the flavour but they do not have the taste of the original tea. Tea is divided into three different categories: black, green, and oolong. Each category has a unique and different taste so before you decide on your favourite tea make sure you’ve tried them all. The taste of any tea will always taste differently. This is because tea always changes its taste depending on the climate, area of origins, atmosphere, and weather. So even if you purchase the same tea from a different place or even a different harvest it will always taste a little different. A third very important fact is that the way you serve the tea can really affect the taste of it. Steel, iron, plastic, and nylon bring out a hint of the materials taste into your tea. That may be very harmful to you in the long term. Tea bags that are made out of nylon or plastic will infuse their chemicals into your tea. Therefore you can develop illnesses from those chemicals. The best way to serve your tea is by putting the tea leaves on a bamboo canister and then infusing it with boiling water. Now that we have got those facts straightened out I will discuss my experience drinking some of her teas and will hopefully in result introduce you to some very unique tastes. First of all, usually black teas are stronger than green and oolong teas. While I was tasting the black teas I also found out that they are bitter depending on their region of growth. It was easier to taste that then in the other teas. I ended up choosing the Vithanakande tea as my overall favourite. For the green teas I noticed that they all were very light but had some overall pleasant bitterness. My favourite green tea ended up being the Jasmine Pearl. Moving on to the oolong teas that were from china, I particularly noted that they were very light in colour. Though I couldn’t end up choosing on a favourite. After my journey tasting her teas I asked her on which of all her teas did she prefer. The Sir Lanka tea she answered. From that day on I have loved the taste of tea particularly hers. If you would like to learn more about her teas or purchase them, here is here website. Teavert.