Hacking Google By Google Searching

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Image via CrunchBase

This is a very interesting article I found which gives you a couple of codes to use on Google. All you have to do is copy and paste the code into the Google Search box and press enter. This articles supplies you with three codes; one to view security cameras, two to get personal documents, three to get free stuff. Pretty cool. But its surprising that it works because this article came out in 2009 and Google is probably aware of this. Check it out.



A State of the Art Twitter Search Engine

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Image via CrunchBase

Well it not too far high-tech. Actually it’s basically a modern-day advance search engine. Like Google. But on a smaller scale. What so unique you ask? Well twitter has a pretty uncomplex search engine in their website, so TOPSY decided to change that. TOPSY created their own website built for exactly that. It shows you the trends of tweets, most commented, and you can obviously search for tweets. You can use their advance search engine to be more specific. Such as, these words, none of these unwanted words, search within a site, search within a twitter user, …it goes on and on. Well have fun!