7 Million Songs Streamed To You

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Deezer will stream to you over 7 million songs. All you have to do is search for the artist or band and you can listen to your favourite music for free. You can also share your favourite songs on Twitter or Facebook. But more importantly you can create your own playlists. Enjoy!


Record Your Computer Screen With Screenr

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Have you ever wondered how people record their computer screens on YouTube or other video sites? Now you can do it yourself because of Screenr. It lets you choose the size of the screen to record and gives you up to 5 mins of recording time. Not only that it lets you immediately share it on twitter. All using Java it has a simple UI (User Interface) that’s really easy to use. The good thing about it is that’s its 100% free and you don’t have to download it. Ever. Plus it works on Mac’s and PC’s and it plays on anywhere on the web, even on your Iphone. You can also publish the video on their site. Enjoy!