Online Video Streaming

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Now you can create your own live channel with live Stream. Live Stream gives you tons of features that are unfortunately are not on YouTube. First of all it lets you have a live channel which YouTube doesn’t, secondly it gives you a chance to upgrade to a premium account which lets you earn money from ads on your channel. And thirdly it’s very flexible with all its features. Some of its features include being able to put your video on your own website or being able to see a deep statics of your viewers. Even organizations use it such as TED. Check it out!

YouTube – Just “Leanback” with an Everlasting Stream of Videos

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All you need to do is lean back and relax, because YouTube Leanback will take care of everything. Well almost anything… It’s basically a YouTube channel that streams high quality full stream videos to your browser. It gives you the option of what you want to view; such as… The Best of YouTube, Trends, Comedy, Entertainment… and the list goes on and on. Pretty useful if you don’t really know what you want to watch on YouTube. Also it feels like your watching a movie because of its high quality video resolution. Hope you enjoy this!!!