Highlight Webpages

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Have you ever read an article or something on the internet that you thought you could use it for later? Or you wanted to take notes on it? Well now, The Awesome Highlighter lets us highlight any webpage you want on the internet. All you have to do is type in the webpage’s address on their site and in return The Awesome Highlighter will show you the page you choose with their toolbar on top and they let you highlight. When you decide to finish you can take all your highlighted text and create them into notes. And they will also supply you with a URL that shows you the webpage you highlighted. Hope this was useful!


First Glanced at Webpages with HTML(aka. what goes behind the scenes)

Have you ever wondered what goes behind every webpage or better yet you wanted to create a site from scratch? Now you can very simply. With HTML you tell the web browser what to make for you. You can “steal” HTML codes from websites by going to the button page and then clicking view source and then copying the code. Just make sure you leave the footer at the bottom or you’d be breaking a law.  Check the YouTube video below which has 1.2 million views because of the well explained html basics.

The Wayback Machine

Ever wanted to check out how Google looked in the 90’s or how Facebook looked when it first came out? With the Wayback Machine you can, it has 56 billion captures of over 10 billion web pages dating as far back as 1996. It’s a non-profit website which was created by the Internet Archive. Here is the link below. Have fun!