Modern Warfare 3 VS Battlefield 3. Which one is really better? After comparing which one runs faster, has a better platform, or is more popular, only gives you a glimpse of the real story. These differences are incredibly small and usually unnoticeable after a couple hours of gaming. Both games are at a high enough level that they don’t lag and who cares about whether PS3 is better then Xbox 360. So what really lets you compare MW3 head-to-head with BF3? Gameplay. Well your probably wondering how you can compare their gameplay without actually playing them, well with good old YouTube that isn’t a problem. Below are the best gameplay videos currently out there for you to truly decide which one’s better.

Modern Warfare 3:

Official Gameplay Trailer to get you warmed up

Battlefield 3:

Official Gameplay Trailer


Why Video Games Benefit You

Eighteen hours is the average time spent per week by video gamers playing video games. Their reason for investing countless hours varies from trying to get fit to enjoying a great source of entertainment. Furthermore, video games benefit you because of strategic skills, motor skills, relaxation, socialization skills, cognitive skills, beneficial reasons, and educational value.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Strategic video games can strengthen your mind the same way a general would strengthen his in warfare. Strategic skills are incorporated in many video games; for instance ‘Company of Heroes’ because you would be commanding troops at your disposal with the help of your tactical skills. A general would do the same but in a high security room with state of the art equipment. On the other hand if you were a solider who was being commanded, an RPG game would do you good. It would give you the upper hand in combat or on the Xbox.  On the contrary if your machine gun was jammed or your only source of transportation broke down, you better have some great solving skills. There is no need for worrying as long as you decide pre-hand to play a video game. It really doesn’t matter which video game you decide to pick because every video game has problems you must solve.  Strategic skills will always be incorporated in any game.

            Generals and soldiers need to exercise everyday and so should you. You can get your exercise and also benefit your motor skills by playing video games. The Wii system came out with Wii Fit for people who are bored of exercising and would like a new fun way to get those muscles moving again. Wii Fit gives you the chance to run, box, and more in one package. If you don’t want to exercise but want to improve your motor skills you have a wide verity of options: PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, and last but not least Wii. These systems give you the option to play your favourite video game while benefiting your motor skills with the gaming counsel. The gaming counsel especially helps improve your coordination in your hand, fingers, and thumb. Speaking of improving your skills you can improve your reflex abilities while playing a fast paced game; for instance ‘Fallout’ or ‘Dragon Origins’. These games are superbly fast which makes you use your reflexes throughout the whole game. That would benefit you immensely if you would ever have to use your reflexes outside of a virtual world. From trying to enjoy exercising to improving your skills, are all good reasons why video games are extremely beneficial.

            If you’re ever stressed out from worrying about exercising you can always rely on video games for an escape from reality to a world of imagination and relaxation. Video games can help people relax when they most need it. Some people that have physical, learning, or emotional problems use video games to help them relax. If you have a physical problem that would require physiotherapy you would use Wii sports to get used to your new artificial hand or leg. But what if you’re without any major problems? Well, actually video games are a lot like the T.V. If you’re ever stressed out from a hard day of work or bored of that old T.V. you can always rely on video games to give you the stress relief that you waited all day for.  Some people need stress relief even more than you do especially if you’re going through chemotherapy.  Remember video games can always help you relax.

            Relaxation is not the only thing good about video games. One of the most important reasons why video games benefit you includes socialization because it’s one of the main reasons video gamers are attracted to video games. You can socialize in many ways, but one of the funniest and most available ways is to interact with other people online is playing video games. Team work skills are improved every time you talk and decide with your team mates where to attack or where to defend. Imagine if a friend calls you while playing a video game. What skill would be improved while you talked and played? Multitasking can help you through life as long as you work hard. Socialization, Teamwork, and multitasking are all great skills you can learn from playing video games.

            Socialization skills are nice to have, but what would affect you more in life are your cognitive skills. Good cognitive skills will always help you through out life; that’s why there almost always implied in video games. When you’re playing video games almost every minute will require you to make decisions in any form. Each time you make a decision your brain will learn from the consequences that are forced through the game and improve your decisions next time.   Cognitive skills can also help improve your memory skills. Video games offer a fun environment to practice them and also have a wide range of options that offer you all kinds memory games. Enhancement of your imagination is in every game. Furthermore, you’ll have better visual skills each time you play a shooter game because there are many fast targets moving on the battlefield. You can always rely on video skills to help you out with almost any skill especially with cognitive skills.

            Cognitive skills are very beneficial skill to have, but there are other benefits that video games offer you. There is a wide range of reasons on why video games benefit you. Video games will teach you to have more endurance each time you complete a goal or mission in your game of choice. They also offer you a chance to explore your surroundings during a game, which leads to better endurance skills because there a many fast moving objects that make you have an adrenaline rushes, in your surroundings. Furthermore, video games will help you face the consequences of your actions each time you make a mistake. Exploration, endurance, and consequences are all good reasons on why video games benefit you.  

            One main reason why video games benefit you is the educational value that comes with them. Throughout the world, teachers have been trying to keep there students interested in there classes. But, they would be amazed to find them learning elsewhere. Historic battles and fact are provided throughout the whole game in many historic video games. Younger children can also benefit from video games. A few years back Leap Frog  came on the market and created great options for young enthusiastic learners to start an early education. The Leap Frog system was mainly created to apply academic questions while having fun too. Furthermore, if you want to learn or practice cooking without having to make a mess you should try choosing a cooking tutorial for your gaming system (Computers can be used as a gaming system). Speaking of tutorials you can experience the life of a celebrity in ‘Celebrity Calamity’ about financial, business, and management skills. Management skills can also help you while you fly a plane or even practice to fly one. There are so many flight simulators out there on the market that make it easy for the average person to experience the true beauty of flight the same way an air pilot would . There are other video games that let you step in someone else’s shoes. Some of them relate to sports such as NBA 06 or NHL 09. They will give you the chance to learn how to play the game and experience a life of an athlete. Video games can help people learn in different ways while having fun.

            Video games can make your life simpler because of all the benefits it provides you. Even though some people will say video games are bad for you never believe them because they never had the chance to be educated on the benefits of video games. Furthermore, new manuals that contain facts on why video games benefit you will hopefully convince people that video games are extremely beneficial.