Modern Warfare 3 VS Battlefield 3. Which one is really better? After comparing which one runs faster, has a better platform, or is more popular, only gives you a glimpse of the real story. These differences are incredibly small and usually unnoticeable after a couple hours of gaming. Both games are at a high enough level that they don’t lag and who cares about whether PS3 is better then Xbox 360. So what really lets you compare MW3 head-to-head with BF3? Gameplay. Well your probably wondering how you can compare their gameplay without actually playing them, well with good old YouTube that isn’t a problem. Below are the best gameplay videos currently out there for you to truly decide which one’s better.

Modern Warfare 3:

Official Gameplay Trailer to get you warmed up

Battlefield 3:

Official Gameplay Trailer


Awesome Milk Trick

This video will show you the “Awesome Milk Trick”. I think there isn’t much to talk about it because the video explains it very well. So how am I supposed to compete with a two minute video? When a picture is worth a 1000 words (you know the saying). A second would be worth 24000 words (24 pictures per second is the basic frame rate for video). 200 seconds or 2 minutes would be worth 4.8 million words (24000 times 200). So as proven I can’t compete with 4.8 million words, so please watch the video below instead.

Online Video Streaming

broadcasting sattelite in stuttgart

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Now you can create your own live channel with live Stream. Live Stream gives you tons of features that are unfortunately are not on YouTube. First of all it lets you have a live channel which YouTube doesn’t, secondly it gives you a chance to upgrade to a premium account which lets you earn money from ads on your channel. And thirdly it’s very flexible with all its features. Some of its features include being able to put your video on your own website or being able to see a deep statics of your viewers. Even organizations use it such as TED. Check it out!

YouTube – Just “Leanback” with an Everlasting Stream of Videos

Logo YouTube

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All you need to do is lean back and relax, because YouTube Leanback will take care of everything. Well almost anything… It’s basically a YouTube channel that streams high quality full stream videos to your browser. It gives you the option of what you want to view; such as… The Best of YouTube, Trends, Comedy, Entertainment… and the list goes on and on. Pretty useful if you don’t really know what you want to watch on YouTube. Also it feels like your watching a movie because of its high quality video resolution. Hope you enjoy this!!!

Record Your Computer Screen With Screenr

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Have you ever wondered how people record their computer screens on YouTube or other video sites? Now you can do it yourself because of Screenr. It lets you choose the size of the screen to record and gives you up to 5 mins of recording time. Not only that it lets you immediately share it on twitter. All using Java it has a simple UI (User Interface) that’s really easy to use. The good thing about it is that’s its 100% free and you don’t have to download it. Ever. Plus it works on Mac’s and PC’s and it plays on anywhere on the web, even on your Iphone. You can also publish the video on their site. Enjoy!

Download Music and Videos off of Youtube with DVDVideoSoft

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Have you ever want to download music for free? Without risking your computer to viruses and spyware. Now you can with DVDVideoSoft who have created a free software to do so. All you have to do is download it and then copy & paste the YouTube video and choose if you want to download it as music or video. It will convert it to any device too. They also offer you other software such as…video and audio editing, burning and ripping, image and photo. All are free to download and use. Nice and simple UI (User Interface). No virus or spyware comes with download. The only possible draw back is that it takes sometime to download. It’s not as fast as P2P networks. But it has higher quality music and video. Here is a link to their site below. Have fun!